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GucciGhost, also known as Trouble Andrew, is an artist based in New York City.
Trouble Andrew collaborated with Gucci using Krink for their FW16 collection.



guccighost6Trouble Andrew using the silver mop.

His name has become known by bringing Gucci’s double G logo to the streets and lifestyle elements.
You can find his various other works and updates on his instagram, twitter, or tumblr.




Gucci FW16 photography credits to Getty Images.


Kami and Kai Sen during a visit to the studio last fall. Below is some of Kami’s current work, visit his site to see more.






The Krink WHQ building sold for 40,000,000! Unfortunately, we didn’t own the building and they told us to get out! Truly amazing, and with that, after many long years in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we have to move on. Real estate prices are through the roof everywhere in NYC, the city is becoming inhospitable in many ways, but at the same time it still maintains it’s allure of culture, creativity, and opportunity. We’re excited to move into our new space and thankful for all the support we’ve had over the years. More soon!


Nick Waplington

Nick Waplington is an artist and photographer.

Nick Waplington, THE DAY YOU DIE WILL BE LIKE ANY OTHER… ONLY SHORTER, 60 x 50″ acrylic and Krink on canvas, 2016

painting2Nick Waplington, A DISPLAY OF PANIC AT A MOMENT OF ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY, 65 x 60″ acrylic and Krink on canvas, 2016

painting3Nick Waplington, BOTTOM FISHING IN THE BEAR MARKET, 60 x 60″ acrylic and Krink on canvas, 2016

painting4Nick Waplington, We are lost but don’t worry the found are dead, 60 x 60″ acrylic and Krink on canvas, 2016

Painting5Nick Waplington, The end is the beginning but yet you Continue, 36 x 28″ acrylic and Krink on canvas, 2015

Allen Glatter

Allen Glatter, untitled drawings, K90 on paper, 2016.  Check out more of his work here.

glatter1 glatter2 glatter3 glatter4 glatter5glatter6

Ricky visits the Krink campus.

Ricky of Dee & Ricky blending right in.


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Ricardo, Itsaliving

Ricardo wearing a classic Krink logo tee while trying out our new K-90 markers. Tees in stock now!



Artists working with the K-90 paint-marker

Ricardo Gonzales, Disintegrate, K-90 on paper.

Allen Glatter, drawings, K-90 on paper

Ricardo Gonzales, Minimal, K-90 on paper.

Ricardo Gonzalez is a graphic designer focused on lettering, typography, calligraphy & typeface design based in Brooklyn, NY.
Allen Glatter is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY.

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