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Graffiti artist Cinik handstyle tag spotted at 157 station in NYC@cinikvac

Product featured: Black Mop Ink, Empty 4oz Mop

Chance Lord

Chance Lord (@guessnyc) is an artist based in NYC. To view more of his work,

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Barry McGee

Barry McGee using the limited edition Beyond The Streets K-71 Permanent Ink Marker.

Product featured: K-71 Permanent Ink Marker

Beyond the Streets

Craig Costello was invited to participate in Beyond the Streets, a group exhibition in Los Angeles, CA, curated by Roger Gastman. The exhibition showcases painting, sculpture, photography, and installations by artists such as Barry McGee, Alicia McCarthy, Futura, Martha Cooper, and Todd James. It is on view now through July 6, 2018.

Beyond the Streets and Krink are pleased to release a limited edition K-71 Permanent Ink Marker in Super Black in celebration of the exhibition. Available exclusively at the exhibition gift shop and web shop.

Barry McGee using the limited edition Beyond The Streets K-71 Permanent Ink Marker.


Martha Cooper (@marthacoopergram) using the limited edition Beyond the Streets K-71 Permanent Ink Marker.


Work by artist Craig Costello, Untitled (2017), acrylic on canvas in Beyond the Streets exhibitionCraig Costello, Untitled (2017), acrylic on canvas, 96″ x 120″


Installation view of work by artists Craig Costello and Cleon Peterson in Beyond the Streets exhibitionInstallation view. Right: Cleon Peterson, Peaceful Meadows (2018), acrylic on canvas, 180″ x 96″


Artist Craig Costello signs young art lover's book of graffiti handstyle at Beyond the Streets exhibitionThe opening on May 6 drew art lovers from far and wide, young and old alike. Work in background by Craig Steyck.

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