Joe Grillo

Joe Grillo made a new addition to our door. Check out his Krink studio visit here.




Good Time

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Craig Costello in Rome

Craig painted Untitled (Rome) as part of Outdoor Festival, a month-long exhibition of contemporary art installations and cultural events in Rome, Italy. It is housed in the Ex Caserma via Guido Reni, a former military barracks and factory.

The installation fully embraces the Ex Caserma’s towering walls and industrial architecture. Elongated, vertical forms create a grand space reminiscent of the interior of cathedrals, in which the eye ascends the vast structure thereby enhancing its immense scale. Costello establishes dramatic contrast between light and dark with the use of white and black paint. Sprays of paint recall Roman Baroque rays of light in Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s sculpture, Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, which fall from above.

Visit for more installation views.

Untitled (Rome), acrylic on wall, dimensions vary, 2016.


Joe Grillo

Joe Grillo was born in Meteorcity, AZ and lives and works in Virginia Beach, VA. He actively exhibits with Dearraindrop, an art collective he co-founded, and independently with galleries in major cities around the world. His most recent solo exhibition was at The Hole in New York.

Grillo stopped by the Krink Campus and showed us his collage-like drawing process of pulling from his imagination, old drawings and comic books. He also tried out our new and improve K-70.






Ed Woodley

New studio, new door. Ed Woodley is first.




Tom Sachs and K-70 on WSJ

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Itsaliving K-32 in the Krink Studio

Itsaliving dropped by the Krink WHQ. New York, New York, the city so nice they named it twice.






Ricardo Gonzalez is a graphic designer focused on lettering, typography, calligraphy & typeface design based in Brooklyn, NY.

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