Artists working with the K-60 Paint Marker


A Krink original, the K-60 paint-marker employs a squeezable body to give the artist incredible flow control. Available in 15 opaque colors, this innovative and best-selling marker uses a broad, round tip to provide consistent coverage for large areas.

Nemel is a graffiti artist based in Philadelphia.


Aut_clean BeautyI_cleanRicardo Gonzalez (@itsaliving) is a graphic designer focused on lettering, typography, calligraphy & typeface design based in Brooklyn, NY.


DSC01534Zezão (@zezao_sp) is an artist currently based in São Paulo.


web10Futura (@futuradosmil) is an artist currently based in New York.



scans2Erin D. Garcia (@erindgarcia) is a visual artist based in Los Angeles.


web2Eli Sudbrack (@assumevividastrofocus) was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and lives and works between São Paulo and New York.


DSC01303Sosek (@sosek_san) is an artist currently based in São Paulo


kamiKami (@kami_htzk) is an artist living and working in Tokyo.


web12Andre (@andresaraiva) is an artist based in Paris.


painting2Nick Waplington (@nickwaplington) is an artist and photographer based in London and NYC. Above: A DISPLAY OF PANIC AT A MOMENT OF ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY, K-60 and acrylic on canvas.




guccighost2Trouble Andrew (@troubleandrew), also known as GUCCIGHOST, is an artist and collaborator of Gucci.


2Daze (@dazeworldnyc) is an artist based in New York.