Colette K-42 Paint Marker in NY Mag's The Strategist


Sant Ambroeus Creative Director Alireza Niroomand (@alirezanyc) was featured on the What's On My Desk series on New York Magazine's The Strategist. Below he talks about the custom K-42 Paint Marker we made for Colette:

"Krink is another one that’s special to me. When I want to scribble, I have it on me. I grew up in Paris, and I was exposed a lot to graffiti. I wasn’t a bad boy, so I was doing it in notebooks, rather than on walls because I didn’t want to get in trouble. But I grew up with that culture … That Krink that you see, it’s a custom one we made. We did a residency in Paris, back in September, at Colette, and Craig [Costello, the founder of Krink], and I made this custom Krink, which matched the blue of Colette. When we did our residency in Paris, I re-created the wall of plates from Sant Ambroeus Soho, but it was a surprise for Sarah [Andelman, co-founder and creative director of Colette], and I asked 24 artists to make a custom plate for her using the same blue. I’m jealous of that collection, actually. KAWS, Tom Sachs, even Pharrell did one." Read more on

Krink K-42 Paint Marker on Sant Ambroeus' Alireza Niroomand's desk