New Work


Craig Costello
New Work
June 3 - July 5 at Isetan the Space, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Untitled, 2023
Acrylic on canvas
72 in. x 48 in., 182.88 cm x 121.92 cm

Craig Costello presents New Work, a collection of 7 paintings, 58 works on paper and 5 Noren, at Isetan the Space in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibition explores the materiality and excess of paint and ink, highlighting Costello's unique approach to the creative process. His work captures the interplay between control and the uncontrollable, as he employs an array of techniques such as pouring, spraying, and dripping to imbue a sense of dynamism and spontaneity.

While his gestures and movements are deliberate in guiding the development of his work, Costello also allows it to take on a life of its own, inviting the paint and ink to splatter and drip freely, creating forms that are both organic and unpredictable. This balance between perfection and imperfection is strikingly evident in this exhibition, which features several of Costello's organic geometric pieces. Here, he creates a juxtaposition as the geometric shapes are traditionally associated with mathematical and measurable precision, while Costello's forms are loose and irregular, embracing the imperfections of his process.

In addition to the geometric works, Costello also includes a new collection of ink drawings that push the boundaries of legibility. In graffiti, style is used to express individuality and is often illegible to non-graffiti writers. Costello draws upon this concept and incorporates it as a nod to his graffiti roots. He explores the manipulation of letters to create abstract shapes and forms while simultaneously embracing the material excess and imperfections that result from his technique.

Untitled, 2023
Ink on paper
11.69 in. x 8.27 in., 29.69 cm x 21.01 cm