Announcing the K-63 Super Black


We are excited to release the K-63 Ink Marker.

Super Black alcohol-based ink is permanent and opaque. High quality ink works on most surfaces. 2oz/60ml capacity. Excellent for use on glass, metal, coated paper, and painted surfaces. 15mm round tip is best for smooth surfaces.


"Writing graffiti in the early 90’s I was constantly looking for new tools to use and experimenting with different existing products. The bingo marker was an obvious choice after the success of the Silver Mop, which was made from readily available shoe polish applicators. A bingo marker’s nib size was smaller, more subtle, and could be filled with inks that did not work in a shoe polish style mop.
An important find was the Easy Squeezer. This was a marker meant for children, but it could handle the ink I used and the nib worked better than bingo marker's nibs. Most bingo marker nibs were a soft plastic that easily ripped, the Easy Squeezer’s nib was softer and more durable on a variety of surfaces. It was this discovery that led to the birth of the K-63. Filled with the right ink this marker yielded smooth drips and easy flow control made it fun to write with. Super black ink didn’t fade and covered most surfaces. A Krink original, the K-63 is timeless and paved the way for “dauber” style markers."

- Craig Costello, Krink founder

Krink K-63 Super Black Permanent Ink Marker

Krink K-63 Super Black Permanent Ink Marker Tip