Krink x G-Shock


Available worldwide mid-April. I’ve been getting great feedback on this watch and I think it will sell out quickly. The design is really simple and I’m very happy with the way it turned out. The matte silver looks great next to the full mirror face. They had to dig really deep to find the matte silver finish. They must have sent me 25 samples of different silver watches, and then only a small portion of those finishes were available for this model watch, finally we found something that I liked and could be applied to this watch. Apparently it’s never been used on this particular watch style and has not been used for any watch in a very long time. It was really interesting seeing the subtle differences of all the silver finishes.

My favorite part is the clean face. I took out all the technical type, so it’s super clean; a G-Shock first! I sneaked it past them, as they initially advised me not to do it. I have a feeling future collaborations will ask for the same, as the type was really small and very distracting without adding much to design or functionality.

From the press release:
While staying true to the G-Shock toughness and technology, the DW6900KR-8 carries the tradition of Krink's minimalist design aesthetic, the DW-6900KR-8 has a metallic matte silver finish (Casio pulled it out of it's library especially for KR) and for the first time in G-Shock history, the watch will bare a full mirror face and LCD display. Craig also omitted all technical type from the inner ring on the face of the watch, making this piece the cleanest look G-Shock has ever produced. Each G-Shock x Krink timepiece has a custom-made "silver on silver" commemorative tin for its collectors.