I just got back to NYC from Paris a few days ago. Paris is an amazingly beautiful city. It's big like NYC, and I always have the feeling there is a lot more to see.

I was in a group show in Galerie Joyce in the gardens of the Palais Royal. A really beautiful place with tons of history. I had a really nice time and enjoyed great hospitality from Mily and Sam Kadz Thanks Mily and Sam! Thanks also to Olivier for showing me around. Agnes and Chris. Sarah Colette.



Krinking the front windows of the gallery.


The Palais Royal.


The last time I was in Paris was in 2003 for a group show with fellow New Yorkers at Agnes B's Galerie du Jour. I still had a few tags on the phone booths out there, as did Sace, Rage, and Ease, circa '03.


By coincidence, Ryan McGinley, Dash Snow, and Harmony Korine were in a show at Galerie Du Jour. Agnes heard I was in town and asked me to come by and paint something on the gallery. Thanks to Agnes and everyone at the Galerie!


Dash Snow RIP.


Portraits by Ryan Mcginley


Agathe Snow was also having a show at another gallery in Paris. Small world.


Colonnes de Buren, Palais Royal


Air France = Total Chaos! Apparently the French don't form lines?


Flight diverted. So hectic.