Nolan Cooley


Check out Nolan Cooley aka @yungcheeto. He’s a talented 13 year old California-based artist living with autism. We recently came across images of him and his work and love how Nolan and his family promote creativity. Nolan began obsessively creating repetitive pattern art at the age of six. Now 7 years later, Nolan has amassed a large collection of artwork – expressing his creativity and pouring out his passion on everything from paper to canvas to surfboards to skate decks and more. To see more of his work, visit

Nolan’s mother founded HEART AUTISM (@heartautism), an organization dedicated to funding activities that encourage individuals with ASD to become involved with their community. They strive to raise public awareness about ASD and its effects on individuals, families, and their community. They work to give those with this disorder the confidence and support they deserve to socialize with their community. To donate, visit







Product featured: K-60 Paint Marker