SHOYOROLL partnered with Krink for a limited gi and mat sprayer release. Available in black only, the SHOYOROLL x Krink gi features a 450g pearl weave jacket and 10oz canvas pants, both decorated with woven patches throughout. Each patch features a hand-style marker tag on a contrasting white backing matching the style of Krink’s own permanent stickers. The back of the gi also holds a full back patch of Krink’s notorious NYC Mailbox. To coincide with the kimonos release, a mat sprayer will also be made available. These hand pressurized sprayers are also used for artists to cover larger surface areas easier, the same principals which apply to cleaning mats posts training. These co-branded sprayers have a 5L/169OZ capacity and feature an adjustable brass nozzle.

Krink Studio: creative direction, product design, project management, photography.

Models: Angel and Jayson.   


SHOYOROLL is an American jiu-jitsu lifestyle brand that designs and manufactures Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi, casual apparel, and accessories. Shoyoroll have made collaborations with other brands and companies such as Illest, EA Sports, Undefeated, Albino and Preto and RVCA. For more information, visit