Some Sao Paulo photos


I had a great time in Sao Paulo. The weather was great and everyone was really nice. More soon.


Hardest working. Os Gemeos rock steady.


We did some fill-ins. It's been such a long time since I did anything in the street. It really took me back. This underpass spot had a lot of people living there, it smelled like shit. The wall I am painting here had at least three human diarrheas squirted onto it and turds at the bottom. Disgusting, but that is the life of the writer.


The twins had to Jedi mind trick a dude who rolled on us. It was all good.


Sao Paulo reminded me of NYC way back in the day. The smell of urine and shit, blown-out abandoned buildings, graffiti everywhere, homeless people everywhere. People trying to make do with what they have. Living under bridges and on the street. Large areas abandoned, broken glass everywhere.


I didn't have a lot of time to take photos. Sao Paulo is completely covered in graffiti. Os Gemeos and Vlok have it on lockdown on another level. Pichação is everywhere. If you like graffiti, it is definitely worth a visit.


Highways were annihilated. Huge pieces, throw-ups, you name it. I didn't have the time to get more photos. I would say Sao Paulo is the most bombed city I've been to in decades. Only NYC back in the day comes close. It was really interesting to see because NYC was in a very similar state and now it's totally different, clean, safe, locked down and law-abiding. Shout to Cambuci and Jardines, two very different neighborhoods.