Sydney, Australia, Redbull


Back from Australia aka OZ, and for those of you who don't know, (I didn't) They pronounce Aussie, Ozzy.

Flew into Sydney first. Sat next to an obese person, very tight seating, at first it was annoying and I was bummed, but the flight was full so there was nothing to be done, LA - Sydney, 15 hours! We touched the whole time. Once I put my mind to it, it was fine, kind of like central booking. That's just life.

I painted the entrance to the brand new Redbull offices in Sydney as part of the opening of the No Comply show.

Everyone in Sydney was super, super cool. Redbull people were mad cool and everything went real smooth.

More No Comply photos here.
I'd never been to Australia before this trip, I thought it would be culturally closer to Britan, but it reminded me a lot of California. Good food, open minded people, chill vibe.


Still working.


The over-spray set off the fire alarms, this dude was real cool, no worries.


Opening night on the deck outside.


Bridge, Jonas, and Meggs.


Redbull lobby.


Simone, Alex, and Mason


Tamarama Bay. The beach in Sydney was absolutely amazing, these pictures do not do it justice.

The water was crystal clear with just the right amount of waves to keep it interesting. Sharks too, but no worries, they'll get the surfers first.


Tamarama Bay, so beautiful.


Alex, Todd, Jonas. Proper Aussies.