SNS x Books on the tub for Vault by Vans


 SNS teamed up with Books on the tub to highlight the Vault by Vans x Krink capsule collection.

Books on the tub is a Stockholm based, anonymous duo of graffiti writers who has applied their DIY graffiti mentality on something completely different. Instead of just bombing the subway system with tags, they use it as a platform for spreading insights and perspectives by distributing free books on trains and subway stations.

Every generation's ultimate task is to inspire the next one. Krink did that for the graffiti culture, Vans for skaters and punk rockers. We want to inspire a new generation of readers.” - the duo said when we met them at an outdoor station on an unusually sunny day in Stockholm. So if you happen to come across a Krink book on a dusty old subway seat anytime soon - take it home, read it, and return it.

Photos courtesy of: @Sneakersnstuff@Booksonthetub@Simonjk.jpg