Whitewall Interview


Eliza Jordan interviewed Krink founder Craig Costello, also known as KR, for Whitewall Magazine. Find the original interview here.

Craig Costello Moncler collaboration

WHITEWALL: What was your first art piece? Tell us about that. 
CRAIG COSTELLO: That’s a tricky one. Consciously attempting to make “art” would be in photography. But really, this is student work—being heavily influenced by the new things I was exposed to in museums, galleries, books, and culture. I photographed a lot of things around me, like graffiti, and I think this had a documentary or journalistic feel. Photos of friends, painting at night shots with a flash in black and white—those are from around 1988-89.

How has your practice evolved or stayed the same? 
The creation of unique tools has been consistent. Evolution is from street, to branding, to art. Many pieces coming together; the information coming from the same place, but applied across a variety of uses.

How do you feel about being an artist today? 
It’s so challenging to navigate the world of promotion. Creating is just one aspect, and of course should be the main focus, but there is another side that people aren’t always aware of and that is the social, promotional, and commercial side of things. All very important.

What has been your favorite city to create a piece for thus far?
I enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, etc. Those experiences play a big part in the overall project. I can’t choose just one! São Paulo, Brazil—the space was amazing, the city is so raw, and the graffiti is incredible in scale. It’s a crazy experience, and not for everyone, but I’m happy to have visited. Rome was amazing to see. So many beautiful and historical works—sculpture, painting, and architecture. All incredible. Plus the food and the people! It’s an amazing city. Two very different experiences and places.

Craig Costello Moncler collaboration