Fonse (@thefonse_rb) stopped by the Krink campus and showed us his interesting approach to writing. He is left-handed and writes perfectly from right to left, bottom to top. On discussing his technique:

“You bump into your stuff all the time. I’ve learned to accept it’s gonna smudge. Often I would catch a tag and my hand would go through. I write right to left because I can see what I’m doing. I notice all the time my art has this crazy slant to it and I don’t notice it until I’m done. I started drawing in the far bottom side of a piece of paper and worked my way up. I worked backwards and it made so much more sense to me.”

 Product featured: K-63 Permanent Ink Marker

Community Watch: Ben & Kathy

So good to hear Ben (@m0du5_l1st) and Kathy (@kraejiyaeji) are doing so well after their tenure here at Krink!

Nolan Cooley

Nolan Cooley (@yungcheeto) is a talented 13-year-old California-based artist living with autism. He recently painted a surfboard for a family friend in his signature style. To see more of his work, visit

 Product featured: K-60 Paint Marker

KSER Irak Crew

KSER Irak (@kings0l0m0n) is a graffiti artist born and raised in NYC.

Product featured: K-60 Paint Marker

Brooklyn Museum x Krink Tee

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with our Brooklyn neighbor, the Brooklyn Museum! This exclusive, limited edition t-shirt features designs based on studio drawings made with a K-70 Permanent Ink Marker. Available at the Brooklyn Museum Shop and

Product featured: Brooklyn Museum x Krink Tee

Grace Weaver

Grace Weaver (@weaver_grace) is an artist living and working in Brooklyn. Her solo exhibition BEST LIFE opens September 14th through October 28th at James Cohan Gallery. To view more of her work, visit

Photos by Eric Degenhardt

Products featured: K-71 Permanent Ink Marker, K-70 Permanent Ink Marker

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