Roger Gastman

Roger Gastman (@rogergastman) visits the Krink WHQ.


Super Permanent Stickers back in stock!

Yellow Super Permanent Stickers are back in stock along with a new color – Fluorescent Pink! Pack of 50 blank stickers. Super permanent vinyl adheres to any surface. Large area to write and draw. Warning: Be careful where you choose to stick these, as once placed they will be extremely difficult to remove.


Product featured: Super Permanent Stickers


Fonse (@fonse_rb), K-60 on paper.

Product featured: K-60 Paint Marker

New Apparel

New Krink tees and hoodie shot on location in Queens, NYC.
Tees 100% cotton. Designed for a regular fit.
Photos: @kneegash
Model: @privateclubmembers

Featured products: Vintage Photo Tee, Navy Logo Tee, White Logo Tee, K-71 Tee, Navy Logo Zip Sweatshirt

Adek BTM

Black Mop on door. NYC 2019.

Product featured: Black Mop

Sam Larson

Sam Larson (@samlarson) is an artist based in Salt Lake City. He uses our K-70 Permanent Ink Marker to make work inspired by the American West and nature.

Product featured: K-70 Permanent Ink Marker

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