Rose Béton catalog

The Rose Béton catalog is a 256-page limited edition book published September 2017. Craig Costello was invited to participate in Epoxy, a five-artist group exhibition at the Musée des Abattoirs, as a part of the Rose Béton Festival in 2016. Visit to see more work from the exhibition.

Craig Costello in Rose Beton catalog Craig Costello in Rose Beton catalog Craig Costello in Rose Beton catalog Craig Costello in Rose Beton catalog Craig Costello in Rose Beton catalog Craig Costello in Rose Beton catalog Craig Costello in Rose Beton catalog Craig Costello in Rose Beton catalog

Whitewall Interview

Eliza Jordan interviewed Krink founder Craig Costello, also known as KR, for Whitewall Magazine. Find the original interview here.

Craig Costello Moncler collaboration

WHITEWALL: What was your first art piece? Tell us about that. 
CRAIG COSTELLO: That’s a tricky one. Consciously attempting to make “art” would be in photography. But really, this is student work—being heavily influenced by the new things I was exposed to in museums, galleries, books, and culture. I photographed a lot of things around me, like graffiti, and I think this had a documentary or journalistic feel. Photos of friends, painting at night shots with a flash in black and white—those are from around 1988-89.

How has your practice evolved or stayed the same? 
The creation of unique tools has been consistent. Evolution is from street, to branding, to art. Many pieces coming together; the information coming from the same place, but applied across a variety of uses.

How do you feel about being an artist today? 
It’s so challenging to navigate the world of promotion. Creating is just one aspect, and of course should be the main focus, but there is another side that people aren’t always aware of and that is the social, promotional, and commercial side of things. All very important.

What has been your favorite city to create a piece for thus far?
I enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, etc. Those experiences play a big part in the overall project. I can’t choose just one! São Paulo, Brazil—the space was amazing, the city is so raw, and the graffiti is incredible in scale. It’s a crazy experience, and not for everyone, but I’m happy to have visited. Rome was amazing to see. So many beautiful and historical works—sculpture, painting, and architecture. All incredible. Plus the food and the people! It’s an amazing city. Two very different experiences and places.

Craig Costello Moncler collaboration

Moncler x KRINK

Craig Costello recently returned from Hong Kong, where he partnered with Moncler for DESTINATION HONG KONG, an art performance celebrating the opening of the new flagship store in Harbour City. More than 10,000 Mr. Moncler figures, the brand’s ambassador, were positioned throughout the city and available for the public to collect. This collaborative release included 350 exclusive figures, each hand-painted with Krink, signed and numbered. The painted edition was released in select locations along with a custom, co-branded silver K-75 Paint Marker.

“Moncler is well known for their commitment to quality and style. I’m really happy to have the opportunity to work with Moncler as we at Krink share a similar dedication to quality and style and continue to build our story and heritage.” – Craig Costello

Krink Craig Costello commission for Moncler
Krink Craig Costello commission for Moncler
Krink Craig Costello commission for Moncler
Krink Craig Costello commission for Moncler
Krink Craig Costello commission for Moncler
Krink Craig Costello commission for Moncler


Go figure: Moncler and Craig Costello release a host of model men around Hong Kong


Krink Craig Costello Mr. Moncler commission photo by Wallpaper

When Craig Costello began tagging the streets of San Francisco with his name, he soon replaced it with abstract drips of paint, sprayed onto doors or mailboxes. Over time, the New-York based street artist has both scaled up and scaled down his spray-paint focused output. Take the towering Untitled, a series of dripped white works presented against mysterious black walls at the Ex Caserma via Guido Reni in Rome, and shown last November as part of the month long Outdoor Festival exhibition. Or Costello’s dripped paint interpretation of Nike’s Air Force One trainer, and Coach’s leather totes and luggage tags.

Now Costello has experimented further with scale, collaborating with the French performance wear behemoth Moncler on 350 customised 19 inch ‘Mr Moncler’ figurines. Yesterday, these statuettes were presented, amongst 10,000 others, in regimental rows around the streets of Hong Kong, as part of a live performance piece staged by the label.

‘Art has always been a key communication asset for Moncler,’ says Remo Ruffini, chairman and CEO of the brand. Last year, the label’s Freeze for Frieze project featured a Tim Blanks-curated exhibition of 400 donated artworks in postcard format, sold at its Old Bond Street flagship in London, to raise funds for the Royal College of Art. ‘Our partnership with Costello has allowed us to blend Moncler’s DNA with his trademark paint-drip aesthetic. It has resulted in a unique globally recognisable language project.’

‘They’ll all be hand-painted,’ expained Costello of his Mr Moncler figurine – his bearded and sunglasses-clad visage protected by an eye-catching metallic puffer jacket, and differentiated by paint-dripped jogging bottoms and boots. The brand’s miniature army of Mr Moncler’s were positioned at four locations in the city, including Central Pier 4 and Harbour City Pier 3, their metallic puffer jackets complementing Hong Kong’s skyscraper heavy skyline.

The project also celebrates the reopening of Moncler’s flagship store at Harbour City in Canton Road. In democratic style, the city’s guests were encouraged to register for the chance to take their own Mr Moncler home. This universal approach is one that resonates with Costello’s public-focused street art background: ‘It’s great when the work can be made available to a wide variety of people,’ he says.

Krink Craig Costello Mr. Moncler commission photo by Wallpaper

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Krink x Nike @ Complexcon

Stop in @complexcon @nike AF-100 Experience and get yours!

Krink x Nike Complexcon collaboration K-71 Permanent Ink Marker

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