A partnership with Absolut Vodka on their Absolut Limited Edition Bottles, an edition of 15 individually hand-painted bottles. To mark the launch of the Absolut Limited Edition bottle, artwork created from the collaboration was featured on the cover and across twelve pages in EXIT magazine.

Krink Studio: creative direction, product design, production, project management



Photo: Bjorn Ioos 



In its iconic apothecary-inspired bottle, our signature stands strong as the world’s second leading premium vodka and eight largest spirits brand. Our ever-growing range is a staple in bars, restaurants and homes worldwide. Absolut is a loud and proud cultural collaborator, forever joining forces with standout innovators and artists to help define and redefine the world we live in. A leader of the cocktail revolution and a platform for social progression, our dynamic best-seller is our proudest creation. And it’s made for you.

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