A collaboration with Alife® celebrating the release of Krink: Graffiti, Art, and Invention, by Craig Costello and published by Rizzoli. A limited edition hoodie featuring graphics highlighting the monograph's title and acknowledges the book's legendary publishing house. The back print is an essay written by Rob Cristofaro, taken directly from the book, about Krink's early beginnings with Alife®

Krink Studio: creative direction, product design, project management, photography

About Alife®
Founded in 1999, Alife is a New York City-based, multi-tasking, multi-faceted, lifestyle driven company. Well known for its curatorial work, branded product, experiential retail concepts, art exhibitions, top-tier co-branded collaborations as well as live music events. Focused on art and creativity with a strong penchant for originality, Alife’s mission is to showcase, elevate and perpetuate the downtown culture from which it was born. Alife cannot be defined by one cultural movement alone. Alife is art. Alife is a curator of all that downtown represents and speaks to an international downtown audience that is as close as down the block and as far as across the globe.