Banzai Collection

Banzai Collection and Krink partner on a collectible skateboard set that celebrates design, skateboarding, and graffiti.

Banzai Collection was founded in 1976 in California and specializes in producing skate decks made entirely from anodized aluminum. With the board’s sleek finishes and ‘70s shape, Krink and Banzai found an opportunity to do something new and refreshing. Together, they created a mirror-finish board with etched logos and Krink NYC scratch tag. Paired with the board is a custom Krink x Banzai Scriber, which allows the user to customize their board. Scribing is a form of graffiti in which you mark surfaces with a sharp or stone tool, commonly seen on public trains, windows, and bathroom mirrors.

The Krink x Banzai includes a full assembly set, polishing cloth, Krink NYC grip tape, and is all housed in a silver collectors’ box, Krink’s flagship color. Edition of 100.

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