Limited edition Krink x BBC ICECREAM capsule collection including collaboratively designed t-shirts featuring Krink’s iconic paint drip style and a limited edition, Starfield fire extinguisher. 

Krink Studio: creative direction, product design, production, project management, marketing



About Billionaire Boys Club

Founded by Pharrell Williams and Nigo in 2003, Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) is a globally recognized clothing, accessories and lifestyle brand, whose blend of streetwear and luxury has influenced countless pockets of fashion, music, design and culture. As the brand has morphed to continuously lead and define fashion, BBC has expanded its universe to form ICECREAM, Bee Line and Billionaire Girls Club.

Since its conception, art has been one of the staple sources of inspiration that BBC ICECREAM has tapped for cultural experiences and quality streetwear pieces. From the likes of Takashi Murakami to Steven Harrington, BBC ICECREAM continues to tap influential creatives to bring various apparel, accessories and experiences to its audience.