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The Krink Fiberglass Side-Shell chair comes in Krink silver with solid walnut dowels, black wire, and embossed plate on bottom with Krink logo. Open edition. Handmade in the USA.

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chair_edit krink_modernica_34_2 krink_modernica_closestraight_alt modernica_plate

About Modernica:
Modernica is a company founded on the principles and the passion of the vibrant North American Modernism movement. This era is often said to have originated in Los Angeles with the Case Study® Program in 1945. Modernica embraces this Modernist movement’s ethos. The ideals established in this period were the basis on which the quintessential California lifestyle was imagined and created. Simple design, high quality, high-functionality, and accessibility are the basic tenets, which drive our company. This clear vision and commitment has enabled Modernica to transform from our beginnings as a vintage store to our current position as a distinguished manufacturer and designer of Modern furniture and lighting. Modernica occupies a factory located in Los Angeles with over 100 employees who proudly handcraft each piece of furniture one-by-one.

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