Remio x HUF

Special edition marker with Remio and HUF Japan. A custom K-63 Permanent Ink Marker in Super Black. The marker is part HUF SET, HUF's first NFT project where they partnered with Remio on a limited collection of apparel and accessories. Available exclusively at HUF Japan stores and

Krink Studio: production, project management, photography

About Remio
Remio is a renowned graffiti artist born in Norway, raised in Canada and the US, and currently residing in France. His infamous tags and throw-ups can be found all over the world, recognizable by his trademark anthropomorphic, angular, and character-driven style. Remio has partnered with brands, such as HUF, and has exhibited with galleries worldwide, including in San Francisco, Paris, and Venice.

About HUF
Founder Keith Hufnagel grew up skateboarding in the gritty streets of 1980s New York City. He was part of an early street skating generation that came up amongst a melting pot of city countercultures—hip hop, punk, graffiti, and streetwear. In 2002 he opened the first HUF boutique, bringing together skate, streetwear, and sneaker brands, and launched his own collection. Now, HUF has become one of the most respected and pioneering skate and lifestyle brands worldwide. Collaborating with artists, designers, photographers, musicians, and unconventional tastemakers, it’s also a home to a collective of eclectic skateboarders and ambassadors.