Willisau Switzerland

Willisau Switzerland invited Craig Costello to paint two pieces from their collection of award-winning tables and sideboards. Hand-painted sideboard and table, acrylic on solid American walnut, 2013.

Krink Studio: creative direction, product design, project management

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About Willisau Switzerland
Willisau Switzerland has always combined tradition and innovation. High-quality furniture, often delicately crafted, has been produced in upstate Lucerne for more than nine decades.

The company’s core competence is artisan table and chair production. But that certainly isn’t all that it does. Willisau Switzerland is also synonymous with design, innovation and technology above all else. Cutting-edge design, fine extension technology, solid woods, extraordinary surfaces and custom-made products offer all the opportunities to perfectly meet customers’ individual demands. The fact that the collection has been crowned winner of multiple prestigious design awards provides impressive proof of its sheer power. The company’s guiding principle in this respect is its approach of designing products with that all-important wow factor. But also of creating surprising moments that last. New, extraordinary items are created time and again simply by playing around with shapes, materials and colours. The furniture still goes through the same process in Willisau today – it is born in the heart, grown in the mind, and finished by hand.