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Vintage Desk Marker

$75.00 USD

This style of marker was predominantly used for making large marks. It was commonly used for making signs for goods in shops, such as grocery stores where produce changed frequently and required new labeling and pricing. Desk Markers would also live on warehouse packing desks for marking boxes and crates.

The Vintage Desk Marker is a unique reusable marker, perfect for desk or studio. The marker is made of durable aluminum and the ink reservoir is glass. Capillary style marker draws ink through the felt tip while docked in the reservoir. The Vintage Desk Marker is refillable and can be disassembled for cleaning. Comes with a round tip. Limited quantities available.

18ml capacity marker, 8oz jar
10mm round tip
Made in the USA

Marker and reservoir are sold empty. Recommended use with dye-based inks and fast drying petroleum-based inks. Reservoir requires a minimum of 6oz. of ink.