Shantell Martin Coney Art Wall

Shantell Martin is an artist based in NY. She recently contributed to the Coney Art Wall.

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Shantell Martin: Someday We Can

Shantell Martin is an artist who creates with black and white lines, following her stream of consciousness. Her signature lines transform everything into a narrative. Someday We Can is on exhibit at the Albright-Knox through June 25, 2017.

Martin’s work with institutions such as the MIT Media Lab, Autodesk and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts denote her ongoing inquiry into new models and technologies that are transforming the way art is made and consumed. Eschewing traditional art world norms, Martin’s work purposefully bridges fine art, performance art, technology and commercial work. Her artwork has appeared in the Brooklyn Museum, Museum of the Contemporary African Diaspora, Bata Show Museum and at the prestigious Albright Knox Gallery in Buffalo, New York.

K-51 and acrylic on wall.
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Photos: Connie Tsang

Rostarr Studio

Romon Kimin Yang, aka Rostarr, is an artist living and working in Brooklyn. His early years were spent focusing on blurring the lines between painting and graphic design and soon developed into a widely recognized aesthetic of abstract polymorphic paintings, sculptures, and calligraphic illustrations.

Rostarr recently worked on a project with Diesel, see his process below.

 K51 on indigo dyed cotton.2 3 4 K51 on raw cotton.5

Shantell Martin + K-51 Ink Marker

The K-51 Ink Marker is the leading choice for coloring large areas with smooth, even strokes. The extra-broad nib is excellent for large drawing, lettering, and calligraphy. Super Black alcohol-based ink is permanent and opaque. The double-edged tip adds line variance and versatility.

Shantell Martin (@shantell_martin) is an artist based in New York.

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