New Work Zine

Select drawings from Craig Costello's New Work, presented at Isetan the Space in Tokyo, Japan. For more works, visit 

This series of drawings displays the relationship between artist and material. Costello’s shapes and lines are minimal and deliberate, but the forms have a life of their own and soften as the ink slowly bleeds into the paper. It is a combination of controlled and uncontrolled elements that challenges legibility and creates abstraction. The illegibility of text is a reflection of Costello’s graffiti roots. Graffiti is often difficult to read to the untrained eye and Costello pushes this concept further with an interest in letters, forms, and visual language. For the catalog, Costello draws attention to the reverse side of each drawing as it has a distinct character from the ink that has bled through. Each drawing is intentionally placed to facilitate the pairing of front and backs, ultimately giving rise to a new juxtaposition. 

48 pages with cover, full color with spot varnish and spot UV, 110gm semi-coated stock. 6.9 x 9.8 in., 17.6 x 25 cm. Edition of 300.

View the complete zine here.

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